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Empowering Future Leaders

Apricot Academy stands as a trusted brand, established over a decade and a half ago. Our focus is not simply providing education, but on shaping futures. We are committed to granting your child the most advantageous start in life through our unique and progressive early childhood education philosophy. We aim to do more than just impart knowledge; our goal is to ignite curiosity, foster self-confidence, and instil a lifelong passion for learning.

Our Curriculum

Proven & Progressive Curriculum

At the core of our curriculum are intriguing themes that augment the learning experience, fostering critical skills like conceptualisation, inference, and decision-making. Through these themes, children delve into the breadth of their inherent intelligences, embarking on a journey of discovery and learning that resonates with their natural curiosity and abilities.

Apricot Academy draws inspiration from Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. By adopting an Inquiry-Based & Project Approach curriculum, we identify and address the unique learning styles of each child. This pedagogical approach ensures a learning environment that respects individuality, nurturing each child’s unique strengths and talents.

Character education is interwoven into our curriculum, underlining our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.  We weave essential values such as responsibility, respect, honesty, resilience, and empathy into our daily lessons.  Through a robust partnership between parents and teachers, these values are echoed both at school and home, paving the way for holistic child development.

Recognising the long-term cognitive and social benefits of bilingualism, Apricot Academy seamlessly integrates Mandarin language learning into our daily curriculum.  This dual-language approach equips our learners with linguistic versatility, providing them a competitive edge in an increasingly global society.

Appreciating the importance of a holistic education, Apricot Academy offers a variety of enrichment programmes designed to foster aesthetic appreciation, creative expression, and social-emotional development. These programmes complement our core curriculum, providing an all-round educational experience that celebrates both intellectual and artistic potential.

Our Teachers

At the heart of Apricot Academy are our teachers, the pillars who uphold our values and bring our mission to life. Our faculty is an ensemble of dedicated, passionate, and highly skilled educators who are committed to providing a quality education that nurtures every facet of a child’s development.

Every teacher at Apricot Academy is equipped with the experience and expertise required to effectively implement our unique curriculum. Their understanding of the Multiple Intelligences framework enables them to create an individualised learning experience that respects and enhances each child’s inherent strengths and learning style.

We believe that great educators are also lifelong learners. Hence, we promote and support ongoing professional development for our teachers. This commitment to continual learning ensures that our teaching methods stay relevant, innovative, and effective, aligning with best practices and the latest research in early childhood education.

Our teachers are more than just educators; they are partners who work closely with parents to ensure a seamless transition between home and school learning. They are there to guide, support, and celebrate every milestone in your child’s early education journey.

Above all, our teachers are dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing, and inclusive learning environment. They strive to foster a classroom culture where every child feels valued, heard, and excited to learn. At Apricot Academy, your child isn’t just a student, but a valued member of a caring educational community.

Our Campus

At Apricot Academy, we take pride in providing a campus that fosters a love for learning, respects children’s unique developmental stages, and provides ample opportunities for exploration, playing, learning, and growth.

At Apricot Academy, our campus is more than just a location; it is a stimulating space where young minds thrive and explore. The campus is thoughtfully designed with children’s needs in mind, providing safe, vibrant, and engaging spaces that encourage curiosity, exploration, and play. Our indoor and outdoor areas are purposefully structured to facilitate experiential learning and foster a sense of belonging, contributing to the overall well-being of our learners.

Every classroom at Apricot Academy is meticulously designed to serve as an extension of the home, providing a nurturing and comforting environment. With a low student-teacher ratio, our classrooms provide ample space and resources for optimal children to explore their unique interests. Integrated child-friendly resources, they serve as fertile grounds for nurturing multiple intelligences and bilingual learning.

Understanding the critical role of physical activity and outdoor play in a child’s development, our campus features well-equipped outdoor playgrounds. These are spaces where children can stretch their muscles, breathe in the fresh air, interact with nature, and learn vital skills like coordination, balance, and teamwork.

Our campus hosts a well-stocked library and creative art studio, encouraging children to dive into the world of books and creative expression. These resource corners play an instrumental role in supplementing classroom teaching, offering an array of learning materials that cater to diverse interests and learning styles.

Safety is paramount at Apricot Academy. Our campus is equipped with security measures ensuring the well-being of every child. Regular maintenance, cleanliness checks, and emergency drills ensure a secure, hygienic, and well-prepared environment.