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Tailored to Each Child

At Apricot Academy, we take immense pride in offering programmes meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs and developmental stages of each child. Our seasoned educators are deeply committed to delivering an unparalleled learning experience for every young learner under our care. We provide a comprehensive array of early childhood education services, each thoughtfully designed to cater to the distinct phases of childhood growth and development:

A nurturing introduction to social and sensory exploration, Tiny Tots is a haven for your child’s initial foray into the learning world. Through playful experiences, toddlers begin to understand their environment, build essential motor skills and engage in simple social interactions.

A vibrant programme for our young learners, Bloomer I emphasises on cultivating curiosity, language skills, and independence. Through interactive activities, children enhance their cognitive and social-emotional development while exploring fundamental concepts through play.

An extension of Bloomer I, this programme furthers cognitive, linguistic, and socio-emotional skills. The focus shifts to the development of critical thinking, creativity, and self-expression as children deepen their understanding of the world around them.

This stage prepares children for more complex learning experiences. Kindy I emphasises on problem-solving, inquiry-based learning, and mastery of essential literacy and numeracy skills. It offers a structured yet playful environment that fosters each child’s unique intelligences.

As the final stage before formal schooling, Kindy II reinforces all the skills acquired in previous stages. It prepares children for a successful transition to primary school, focusing on advanced literacy and numeracy, leadership skills, and project-based learning.

Signature Enrichment Programmes

At Apricot Academy, we believe in a multifaceted approach to education. To complement our main curriculum, we offer a suite of signature enrichment programmes that extend learning beyond traditional subjects. Spanning various domains, including Speech and Drama, Digital Literacy, and English and Chinese literacy, we’ve curated these offerings to cater to each child’s unique interests and talents.

We are proud to include the esteemed LCentral English Reading Programme in our enrichment lineup. Crafted by LCentral, leaders in English literacy and language pedagogy, this specialised programme uses a distinctive phonics-based approach to significantly improve reading and comprehension skills. The programme seamlessly integrates into our curriculum, reinforcing Apricot Academy’s commitment to creating proficient and confident English users. The aim is not only to enhance academic performance but also to instil a genuine love for the English language, contributing to lifelong literacy success.

To further enhance our bilingual learning environment, we introduce the “Fun with Chinese” programme.  This engaging initiative transforms language learning into an exciting adventure.  With an assortment of interactive tools such as storytelling, songs, art, and role-play, children gain an immersive exposure to Mandarin.  It’s not just about learning a language; it’s about fostering an appreciation for Chinese culture and traditions, empowering our learners to be truly bilingual from an early age.

Our signature enrichment programmes embody the blend of fun, creativity, and learning that Apricot Academy stands for.  Each programme is thoughtfully curated, ensuring we spark curiosity, foster creative thinking, and instil a passion for lifelong learning among our students.