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Igniting the Brilliance within Every Child

Embark on an exceptional journey where your child’s unique potential is embraced, nurtured, and celebrated. With over 15 years of trusted expertise in early childhood education, Apricot Academy combines a proven approach and innovative techniques to foster an enduring love for learning, shaping tomorrow’s leaders today.

Cultivating Multiple Intelligences for a Global Future

We are proud to incorporate Howard Gardner's influential theory of Multiple Intelligences into our pioneering bilingual curriculum. By celebrating the diverse intellects and talents inherent in every child, we foster an environment of intellectual stimulation and holistic growth.

An Oasis of Learning: Our Warm & Welcoming Campus

Our lovingly crafted campus at Apricot Academy serves as the foundation for your child's journey of discovery and intellectual growth. We offer a safe, vibrant, and richly resourced environment that extends beyond the traditional concept of a school. This learning oasis encourages natural curiosity and promotes a joy for exploration and discovery. Here, children are immersed in an atmosphere that exudes warmth, promotes inclusion, and facilitates a unique blend of learning and play in a nurturing setting.

Uniquely Tailored Learning Experiences

Our age-appropriate programmes are meticulously curated to provide engaging and enriching learning experiences. Dive into a world where education is seamlessly woven with fun and creativity.

Signature Enrichment Programmes: Nurturing Minds, Nourishing Hearts

From the joy-filled journey of learning Mandarin with Fun with Chinese to the innovative and award winning pedagogy of LCentral's English Reading, our bespoke enrichment programmes transcend the confines of traditional education. Designed to stir curiosity, ignite creativity, and instil a passion for continuous learning, these offerings serve as a testament to our commitment to cultivating well-rounded learners. Dive into the world of our unique enrichment programmes and witness the transformation they bring.

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