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About Apricot Academy

Who is Apricot Academy?

Apricot Academy is a bilingual and multiple intelligence preschool supported by inquiry and project-based curriculum that provides high quality and developmentally age appropriate early learning for all. Our stimulating, learner-centric and conducive environment is a great platform for the cycle of learning and teaching to take place that encompasses the whole child.

What does the symbol apricot means?

Quality Learning Experience
In the 4th century, a Chinese philosopher once told a story about how Confucius taught his disciples in a large grove of perennial garden filled with apricot trees. The Chinese then used the apricot kernels, a component of other traditional medicinal ingredients to make medicines to cure illnesses for many. Ever since, experts of the grove associated apricots with education and medicine.

What are our services?

Apricot Academy provides care and education for infants and preschoolers.

Why choose Apricot Academy for your child’s preschool education?

Apricot Academy provides great beginnings for our little infants to explore their new world through sensorial activities. Our preschool education allows children to discover and gain knowledge through our fun-filled projects and activities. It prepares the children to reflect upon their experiences through learner-centred activities of a project based, Inquiry and Multiple Intelligence curriculum. Our program reflects on the philosophy of Early Childhood Education.

Programme Operations

What is your academy’s operating hours?

Apricot Academy is opened 7:00am-7:00pm Mondays through Fridays. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Do you offer half day programmes?

All our programmes are full day.

Are you closed on other days apart from government gazetted days?

Apricot Academy will be closed for another 6 days apart from the government gazette holidays to conduct Professional Development Workshops for staffs and spring cleaning. The academy also observes half-days on the eves of any government gazette holidays.

What time should my child be at academy?

Our programme begins at 8:30am in the mornings. It would be most appropriate for all children to be in the academy by then.

Is the academy open on school holidays?

Apricot Academy does not follow MOE school holidays. The academy will be open throughout these holidays.

Do we get a parent handbook upon registration?

Upon registration, each parent will be given a kit with the parent handbook with it.

Programme Curriculum

Does the academy follow a set curriculum?

Yes. Apricot Academy follows a set of curriculum to ensure that the students receive the required knowledge and skills they need to develop their fullest potential.

Does your curriculum use the same themes and activities every year?

The theme and activities may vary year to year. It depends on how much interest was received from staffs and children on a certain theme.

Is your curriculum based on learning standards with the MOE, Singapore?

Yes. Our curriculum follows ECDA guidelines which provide a holistic and optimal support and experiences for growth, development and learning.

How will I know if my child is ready for formal education?

Children at Apricot Academy are assessed quarterly using our developmental checklist which assesses your child’s academic, social, physical and emotional development. During Parent teacher conferences, our staff will discuss with parents and let them know how their child are progressing or should there be an area of delay, the academy with the help of the parents will help child excel.

How will I know if my child is actually learning during play or project?

Interact with your child to enable them to explain what they have been doing in the academy daily. Talk to the teachers often. Ask them about your child's day at the academy.

How often are the field trips?

Our field trips are conducted quarterly. Therefore, there will be four field trips in total for the year. But we do offer a monthly Outdoor Educational Experiences, OEE, for our nursery works and kindys to develop life and social skills.

Who will care for my child if s/he does not participate in the field trip?

The centre will not be responsible for children who do not participate in the academy’s field trip. Parents should make prior arrangements to care for child at home.

Are all the staff qualified?

Apart from our support staff, all other Apricot Academy’s staff are certified to teach at our academy.

Is your staffs trained in the current programme run by the academy?

Apricot Academy has an in-house Curriculum Consultant to oversee and train our staffs occasionally.

What is the best way to contact my child teacher?

We would prefer all our parents to liaise with their respective teachers via communication book. For all administrative and operational inform, parents can call Apricot Academy to liaise with the centre principal.

What is the child-staff ratio at your academy?

We follow ECDA child-staff ratio regulation.

Admission Enquiry

How and when do I register for your program?

You can register anytime. Please call Apricot Academy to make an appointment.

How do I enroll in your academy?

You can enroll in our academy by calling any of our 2 centres to make an appointment for enrolment or simply drop us an email stating your interest.

Do you admit child with a learning or physical ability?

Prior observations and assessment will be taken by the centre Curriculum and Education Consultant of the child within a classroom setting. Parents will be called for a meeting to discuss the outcome of the observations and assessments. If the academy finds that we are able to provide support emotionally, socially and physically to the child, we would accept admission. Parents however need to provide the academy with medical reports from recognized pediatricians, specialists or occupational therapists. Parents need to work with the academy and its staff to enable child’s well-being a successful one.

How do I go about withdrawing my child from your academy?

A one month calendar written notification should be given to the academy for withdrawal. Two month's notice of withdrawal for year end, should be given to the academy.

Health / Safety / Hygiene / Nutrition

Does my child need to be potty trained to be enrolled for playgroup?

Not necessarily but we encourage all parents who wants to potty train their children to work hand in hand with the centre staff when they are ready.

Who provides lunch?

At Apricot Academy, we have an in-house cook. We follow ECDA nutritional guidelines.

What is served to our children?

Please see our menu.

What is the nutritional value of the food served at the centre?

We follow Health Promotion Board food pyramid which is a model for healthy eating. At the academy, we provide our children with a variety of nutritious and healthy meals daily such as fruits, grains, vegetables and proteins with dairy.

Are the babies fed nutritional food too?

Yes. We follow Health Promotion Board nutritional guidelines.

Can I bring my child to the academy if the child runs a slight fever?

It’s best that you keep your child at home to recover fully before returning to school.

Can I bring my child who has recovered to the academy once Chicken pox, HFMD or any infectious diseases subsides?

Do not attend academy until child has fully recovered from any infectious disease. It’s best to bring in a letter from your paediatrician to notify us that child is fit to return to academy.

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